by Bedsheets

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This album was produced by Scott Merritt. It was also recorded and mixed by the same formidable man, with some mixing assistance/advice/incoherent meanderings ("bee counting") from Bedsheets.

All artwork by the phenomenal Laurenne Petrie.


released July 2, 2014

Isaac Beattie-Booth played keyboard, pump organ, and mandolin.
Sam Boer played vocals, acoustic guitar, percussion, claps, alto and soprano recorders, banjo, and harmonica.
Daniel Coates played violin.
Julian Del Bel Belluz played vocals, alto saxophone, acoustic guitar, and Wurlitzer.
Duncan MacKinnon played electric guitar and banjo.
Natasha DesRochers played vocals and claps.
Kiran Heble played drums.
Liam Sanio played bass guitar and synthesizer.

All members yelped and sang on this album at various points.

This album would not have been possible without the help of many people, and of course the alignment of the heavenly bodies. Like smouldering gratitude volcanoes, our thankfulness rumbles deep within our cores. Here we would like to expel just a little of that magma. To Scott Merritt, Polaris of our musical night sky, our luminous engineer, you led us through this tenebrous process yet again, but like the North Star you're just a little off-kilter. If you were any other way you wouldn't have been able to put up with us. A thousand thanks. To Sue as well, thank you for allowing us to traipse in and out of your home at all hours, thank you for washing the cups we couldn't get to. Sorry we temporarily misplaced your knife. To all of our parents for putting up with our noise, for feeding us, for driving us and our stuff around, and for not sending us to bootcamp. Excellent! To Laurenne Petrie, we give you lists of words – you give us the artistic manifestation of our collective vision. You're the alchemist we need and you always rise to the occasion. Thank you for transmuting our leaden ideas. Thank you to all the bands we've shared the stage with (though “stage” was sometimes a stretch). Thank you to Guelph, its watershed, its architecture, its especially green nooks, and its various elevations. You're good for putting into songs. Timothy Watson, every band has to cut its recording teeth somehow. To Friedrich Nietzsche, primordial unity (or goonity) helped us make some good choices. Thanks for kickin it with us for a while. To all of our fans and friends (you Venn diagrams you), where would we be if you hadn't come to see us play in trees, endured the cold and the rain, and respected our artistic choices when we hit you with walls of madness that were sometimes not ready? Not releasing this album, that's where we would be. And to those toads, you know what you did ;)



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Bedsheets Guelph, Ontario

Bedsheets are a Guelph-based community-style band. We've been playing folk-rock music together since high-school, and it's just gotten crazier and crazier as the years have gone by! Our numbers fluctuate, but we're usually comprised of most of these people:

Julian Del Bel Belluz
Duncan MacKinnon
Kiran Heble
Daniel Coates
Isaac Beattie-Booth
Natasha DesRochers
Liam Sanio
Sam Boer
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Track Name: Reckless
Why are you bein’ so senseless?
(Go on, light the light)
Let harm come while defenceless
(Go on, light the light)
Wear the fire like a red dress
(Go on, light the light)
You look beautiful tonight
(Go on, light the light)
Cradled in the cradle of the sound of the morning,
I am proud enough to swim
(Did the water catch your fall?)
No, the water let me sink!
(Did you think you had it all?)
Well, I had oxygen to spare
I took it blindly from the air

(When you comin’ home to feel the warmth of my arms?)
As soon as I have made my way out of the mire
(Don’t you miss these four walls that shield you from harm?)
I can feel four walls wherever I desire!
(Don’t you miss your father?)
That man was a liar
(Don’t you miss your mother?)
Her hatred entire!
(Don’t you miss me?)
Don’t rekindle that fire
You already know all the thoughts you inspire

But I have seen light, I have,
I have seen, I have seen light

I don’t want to force your hand
I’m a drunk driver
I am a deep sea diver
But time alone I just can’t stand
I’m a conniver
I’m a nostalgia reviver
I don’t want to toss and turn
But I’m a bad sleeper
I am a clean floor sweeper
And I will let this fire burn
Blood runs deeper
You are my forever keeper.
Track Name: Daughter
In the moonlight
In the water
I saw a new light
The firstborn daughter

Don’t hold to your breath
It’ll be easier if you let
Let in the air
Let down your hair

But why, why is it so?

In a dark house
Drawing down the blinds
Through my closed eyes
All the things that I could find

Forever I go
Into the blue of the unknown
Known in your face
Known to erase

But why, why is it so?
Track Name: Youth
When you were young, you threw every single dream away
And you threw snowballs on snowdays
You built a fort, deep underneath the ground
And you went there when the world got too loud
The sun poured in, through windows in the walls
Sun to soak in, sun that hugs you when you fall
And the grandfather clock woke you up now and then
As the world ticks time, time and time again,
But you're young, and time's a lung, and a friend.

And I...went away for so long,
Went away for so long!
But I came back in the end -
You gotta breathe, receive and send
Track Name: Twelve
I took a train into the mountains,
Let the showers wash my skin
But I was told that rain ain’t water
Only sweat can drain so thin
So I ran ‘til I hit rivers
Cradled softly in the sand
But the lake was also fake
As it was built by human hands
(and I said)

Make yourself a home, make yourself a home
Burn yourself a fire, burn yourself a fire

Bewildered by the beauty of the wilderness I stand
And watch the trees that push the leaves
That lead the lost back onto land
And we are filled with planned blue veins
Just as the ice is full of cracks
And when the surface which I stand on breaks,
I’ll swim and won’t look back
No!! we’re goin’ home.